TASKS Deadline Due Date Priority
    Phi-Nong REB - Phase 2 request (HIV REB) -542 30-Apr-20 2
    BRAC--reimbursements -93 23-Jul-21 1
    LGBT Inclusion indicators -86 30-Jul-21
    add Megan Easton interview on CV -44 10-Sep-21
    SSHRC PG - subgrants (HST, BRAC, CUHK) -16 08-Oct-21 1
    Subgrant - Sree -16 08-Oct-21 1
    JIAS Supplement: ?HIV and Transgender Populations? -4 20-Oct-21 1
    ทำใบเสร็จรถตู้พัทยา -4 20-Oct-21 1
    send CV to FIFSW -2 22-Oct-21 1
    Phi-Nong REB - renewal? -2 22-Oct-21 1
    LGBT inclusion - Health (TH&IN) 37 30-Nov-21

    FINANCE Type Grant Submit Date Status
    MANUSCRIPTS Journal Status
    Phi Nong PrEP TBD - To be determined IN PREPARATION
    SA Survey DTHF TBD - To be determined IN PREPARATION
    Thai Data Collection Field Methods IN PREPARATION
    Thai Sex worker - (Sex H-1.37; AC-2.19; STI-3.08) AIDS Care IN PREPARATION
    The Procreative Identities of Gay Men Seeking Surrogacy: A New Theoretical Understanding Journal of Family Theory & Review IN PREPARATION
    Video KTE Int J Soc Res Methodol IN PREPARATION
    WTP India 2 International Journal of STD and AIDS IN PREPARATION
    JGqdsOgJjJcaGVqMqeQ TBD - To be determined ON HOLD
    Climate change & sexual health BMJ Open UNDER REVIEW
    LGBT Inclusion - TH ScR BMC Public Health UNDER REVIEW
    LGBTQ Bully - qual review (Luke RBC) Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services UNDER REVIEW
    PE-Scoping Rev Prevention Science UNDER REVIEW
    Virality, desire, and health assemblages: Mapping (dis)continuities in the response and management of HIV and COVID-19. Culture Health and Sexuality UNDER REVIEW
    Ethical Considerations for Qualitative Research Methods During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Navigating the Virtual Field Int J Qual Methods ACCEPTED
    PrEP Accept TGW India AIDS Patient Care and STDs ACCEPTED
    Affirming and negotiating TBD - To be determined E-PUB
    HIV Vaccine Prepare TW JIAPAC E-PUB
    School Climate Am J Orthopsychiatry E-PUB
    Syndemics MSM Taiwan Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services E-PUB
    Syndemics, resilience and HIV MSM INDIA Culture Health and Sexuality E-PUB
    Community stakeholder engagement PLoS ONE PUBLISHED
    Contexts of vulnerability and NPT PLoS ONE PUBLISHED
    Conversion Bullying Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services PUBLISHED
    DM - Syndemics AIDS Care PUBLISHED
    FG Chapter (Morgan) Palgrave PUBLISHED
    HIV Cure group Nature Medicine PUBLISHED
    HIV risk in gay & bi of color Psychology of Men & Masculinity PUBLISHED
    HIV Testing - India Global Public Health PUBLISHED
    HIV Testing MSM Philippines PLoS ONE PUBLISHED
    How to Have Sex in an Epidemic [Commentary] AIDS Behav PUBLISHED
    HPV Boys Meta-synthesis Vaccine PUBLISHED
    HPV Parents BMJ Open PUBLISHED
    HPV Vaccine Commentary Inside Pt. Care PUBLISHED
    HPV vax boys/men Future Virology PUBLISHED
    I'm + but I'm -: Informed consent SA J Empir Res Hum Res Ethics PUBLISHED
    India PrEP AIDS Patient Care and STDs PUBLISHED
    JERHRE Commentary CSE J Empir Res Hum Res Ethics PUBLISHED
    LA VOICES - Attitudes Vaccine PUBLISHED
    LA VOICES - Policy Prevention Science PUBLISHED
    LeCKjqyfUPpiOhk AIDS Behav PUBLISHED
    MSM TG Stigma India LGBT Health PUBLISHED
    Of HIV, Kings & Cures [Commentary] American Journal of Bioethics PUBLISHED
    Pray That God Will Change You (LGBT Bully) Journal of Adolescent Research PUBLISHED
    PrEP Taiwan AIDS Education and Prevention PUBLISHED
    Review of CE (SUN) Journal of Health Psychology PUBLISHED
    RMA Qual India Qualitative Health Research PUBLISHED
    Slack - Strategies for IC J Empir Res Hum Res Ethics PUBLISHED
    Surrogacy GM Canada J GLBT Fam Studies PUBLISHED
    Syndemics India Global Public Health PUBLISHED
    Taking Culture Seriously Expert Review of Vaccines PUBLISHED
    TG women in sex work in India BOOK PUBLISHED
    Thai RMA Stigma AIDS Patient Care and STDs PUBLISHED
    Transgender Stigma India International Journal of Transgenderism PUBLISHED
    Trouble w/ difference SA Global Public Health PUBLISHED
    WTP India Vaccine PUBLISHED
    APA Chapter - GBT Mental Health in India APA In Press
    APA Chapter - LGBT Mental Health in Thailand APA In Press
    India DCE PrEP AIDS Behav In Press
    India Risk Perception AIDS Care In Press
    India Transmen Culture Health and Sexuality In Press
    Partial efficacy - Qual - SA SAHARA-J In Press
    Phi Nong--HIV Testing Culture Health and Sexuality In Press
    PrEP MSM SW Practice Health & Social Work In Press
    UNICEF-MS2-HIV and mental health among young people in low-resource contexts in Southeast Asia: A qualitative investigation Global Public Health In Press
    CONFERENCES Location From Abstract
    SSWR 2018 DC 10-Jan-18 30-Apr-17
    AIDS 2018 (IAS) Amsterdam 23-Jul-18 05-Feb-18
    CAHR 2018 Vancouver 26-Apr-18 15-Dec-17
    HIV R4P Madrid 21-Oct-18 23-Apr-18
    IAS 2020 - Resilience SFO & Oakland 05-Jul-20 14-Jan-20
    Sexuality & Social Work Mumbai 01-Jan-70 28-Feb-20
    SSWR 2021 SFO 01-Jan-70 30-Apr-20

    ETHICS REB Number Deadline Due Date
    UNICEF YKP - Manuscript 39102 -602 01-Mar-20
    UKZN - Informed Consent 36027 -170 07-May-21
    Resilience 96 28-Jan-22

    REVIEWS Link U P Deadline Due Date
    SAMHSA PN test2 01-Jan-70
    lvGLlCGzeLUBDcZEtN ejgiwfub iHOAQ -514 28-May-20
    KHVI-2020-0254 -477 04-Jul-20