Title Article ID Journal Author(s) Submitted Days in review Revised Accepted Published Status
    3 - Phi Nong Scoping Review TBD - To be determined PN, PA, ST, KF, JvW, NC, SB IN PREPARATION
    4 - LGBTQ Bully - qual review (Luke RBC) TBD - To be determined PN, LR, SR, ALD IN PREPARATION
    5 - LGBT Incl TH Scoping Rev TBD - To be determined PN, LR, PA, ST IN PREPARATION
    6 - Phi Nong HIV Testing TBD - To be determined KF, JvL, PN, ST IN PREPARATION
    7 - Video KTE NA Int J Soc Res Methodol PN, SA team 19-Nov-19 IN PREPARATION
    Phi Nong PrEP TBD - To be determined PN, ST, KF, JvW, PA IN PREPARATION
    SA Survey DTHF TBD - To be determined MA, PN, CR IN PREPARATION
    Thai Data Collection CIHR Thai Field Methods PN, ST, SR, MC, RS IN PREPARATION
    Thai Sex worker - (Sex H-1.37; AC-2.19; STI-3.08) CIHR Thai AIDS Care PN, SR, ST, JW 27-Dec-13 IN PREPARATION
    UNICEF MS 1 - HIV-related Risk and Enabling Environments TBD - To be determined PN, SMP, ST, PA, SB 12-Jun-20 IN PREPARATION
    UNICEF MS 2 - HIV and Mental Health TBD - To be determined PN, SP, ST, PA 15-Sep-20 IN PREPARATION
    WTP India 2 AC-2016-09-0814 International Journal of STD and AIDS PN, VC, JW, MS 17-Nov-17 IN PREPARATION
    2 - India DCE PrEP AIDS Behav VC, PN 07-Aug-20 UNDER REVIEW
    India Risk Perception NA AIDS Care VC, PN 19-May-20 UNDER REVIEW
    India Transmen TCHS-2020-0292 Culture Health and Sexuality VC, PN 23-Jul-20 UNDER REVIEW
    Pandemic Qual HEB-20-0638 Health Education and Behavior PN, AG 31-Aug-20 UNDER REVIEW
    PrEP Accept TGW India AIDS Patient Care and STDs VC, PN, MS 13-Sep-19 23-Oct-19 ACCEPTED
    School Climate ORT-2020-2176.R1 Am J Orthopsychiatry SF, PN 25-Feb-20 13-Jun-20 ACCEPTED
    LGBT part. theatre Swaziland Health Education and Behavior CL, ...PN 01-Mar-18 E-PUB
    HIV Vaccine Prepare TW JIAPAC-18-07-OM-1091-R1 JIAPAC DMC, PN, JW 26-Jul-18 13-Dec-18 E-PUB
    Syndemics MSM Taiwan WHIV-2017-0025 Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services DMC PN 19-Oct-17 18-Oct-17 E-PUB
    Syndemics, resilience and HIV MSM INDIA TCHS-2017-0221 Culture Health and Sexuality VC, PN.. 16-Aug-17 02-Dec-17 22-Mar-18 E-PUB
    How to Have Sex in an Epidemic [Commentary] AIDS Behav PN, AG 21-Apr-20 24-Jul-20 PUBLISHED
    Trouble w/ difference SA RGPH-2018-0482 Global Public Health ADW, LS, & SUN 28-Feb-19 05-Jun-19 15-Jan-20 PUBLISHED
    PrEP Taiwan 18096 AIDS Education and Prevention DMC, PN 23-Oct-18 30-Aug-18 01-Dec-18 PUBLISHED
    PrEP Cascade JIAS-2018-05-0250 JIAS PN, AG, ALD, ST 14-May-18 28-Sep-18 30-Sep-18 PUBLISHED
    HIV Testing MSM Philippines PLoS ONE JAN, PN 18-Jan-17 29-Jun-18 17-Jul-18 PUBLISHED
    HPV Boys Meta-synthesis JVAC-D-17-01058 Vaccine ALD, PB, PN 16-Jun-17 06-Nov-17 04-Apr-18 PUBLISHED
    Contexts of vulnerability and NPT PONE-D-16-44491-R2 PLoS ONE MA, PAN, CR, LGB etc 17-Nov-17 17-Nov-17 18-Feb-18 PUBLISHED
    Review of CE (SUN) Journal of Health Psychology AK, ADW, PN 22-Nov-17 22-Nov-17 01-Mar-18 15-Dec-17 PUBLISHED
    FG Chapter (Morgan) Book Chapter Palgrave PN, ST 23-Jun-16 19-Aug-16 01-Sep-17 PUBLISHED
    RMA Qual India QHR-2016-0296.R1 Qualitative Health Research VC PN 04-Nov-16 05-Jan-17 23-Jan-17 01-Jul-17 PUBLISHED
    Pray That God Will Change You (LGBT Bully) JAR-16-078-R2 Journal of Adolescent Research PN, SF 29-Mar-16 20-Apr-17 10-Apr-17 15-Jun-17 PUBLISHED
    Transgender Stigma India WIJT-2016-0007 International Journal of Transgenderism VC, PN, CL 01-Aug-16 26-Sep-16 03-Mar-17 14-Apr-17 PUBLISHED
    Syndemics India Global Public Health VC, PN... 21-Aug-14 30-Mar-15 15-Dec-16 PUBLISHED
    HIV Cure group Nature Medicine Deeks... 24-Jul-16 01-Aug-16 PUBLISHED
    Taking Culture Seriously ERV-2015-0122 Expert Review of Vaccines PN, CR, ALD 01-Sep-15 01-Mar-16 PUBLISHED
    Thai RMA Stigma APC-2015-0197 AIDS Patient Care and STDs CL, PN, JW, ST, SR 03-Jul-15 05-Nov-15 01-Feb-16 PUBLISHED
    HIV risk in gay & bi of color 2014-0742 Psychology of Men & Masculinity DB, RS, CG, PN, TH, KA, GB 02-Dec-14 01-Oct-15 PUBLISHED
    India PrEP APC-2015-0143 AIDS Patient Care and STDs PN, VC, MS.. 21-May-15 01-Oct-15 PUBLISHED
    HIV Testing - India Global Public Health Woodford 28-Aug-15 PUBLISHED
    Community stakeholder engagement IOF4CASE PLoS ONE PN, GL, VC, DC 17-Feb-15 21-Aug-15 PUBLISHED
    HPV Vaccine Commentary Inside Pt. Care PN 08-Jun-15 01-Jun-15 PUBLISHED
    DM - Syndemics AIDS Care DM PN 02-Feb-15 PUBLISHED
    Conversion Bullying Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services PN, SF 30-May-14 01-Feb-15 PUBLISHED
    I'm + but I'm -: Informed consent SA J Empir Res Hum Res Ethics CR, GL, CS, MW, PN 14-Jan-15 02-Mar-15 01-Feb-15 PUBLISHED
    LA VOICES - Policy PREV1025R2 Prevention Science PN, SJL... 07-Jan-14 07-Jan-14 01-Jan-15 PUBLISHED
    HPV vax boys/men Future Virology PN, AL 31-Jul-14 01-Dec-14 PUBLISHED
    SE HIV prevention trials CE trials Expert Review of Vaccines PN 04-Jun-14 01-Aug-14 01-Dec-14 PUBLISHED
    India ART IDU AIDS Care VC, JV, MS, PN, RD 01-Jul-14 PUBLISHED
    LA VOICES - Attitudes JVAC-D-14-00293 Vaccine PN, SJL 30-May-14 01-Jul-14 PUBLISHED
    WTP India JVAC-D-14-00372 Vaccine PN, VC 14-Mar-14 07-Jul-14 01-Apr-14 PUBLISHED
    LeCKjqyfUPpiOhk 937306 AIDS Behav JimmiXzSqc 30-Nov--1 30-Nov--1 30-Nov--1 30-Nov--1 PUBLISHED
    HPV Parents bmjopen-2017-019206 BMJ Open PN, ALD, PB 01-Mar-18 01-Mar-18 PUBLISHED
    JERHRE Commentary CSE J Empir Res Hum Res Ethics PN 25-Apr-18 PUBLISHED
    MSM TG Stigma India LGBT-2016-0082.R1 LGBT Health VC, CL, MS, PN 27-Jun-16 18-Feb-17 PUBLISHED
    Of HIV, Kings & Cures [Commentary] 1214313, American Journal of Bioethics AG, PN PUBLISHED
    Slack - Strategies for IC JERHRE-16-0039 J Empir Res Hum Res Ethics CS, GL, DW, ..PN 11-May-16 09-Sep-16 20-Sep-16 PUBLISHED
    Surrogacy GM Canada WGFS-2018-0182.R1 J GLBT Fam Studies SF, PAN 14-Jun-18 06-Nov-18 PUBLISHED
    TG women in sex work in India TGSW Harrington BOOK VC, PN, EN 24-Nov-16 PUBLISHED
    APA Chapter - GBT Mental Health in India APA VC 20-Feb-17 01-Aug-17 In Press
    APA Chapter - LGBT Mental Health in Thailand APA TO, PN, ST, SR, JW 08-Mar-17 18-Aug-17 In Press
    Partial efficacy - Qual - SA RSAH-2018-0027 SAHARA-J CR, PN, MA 04-Jun-18 14-Oct-18 15-Oct-18 In Press
    PrEP MSM SW Practice HSW-1860-19R Health & Social Work ALD, AD, PN 02-Oct-19 In Press