Priority Flag Deadline Task Deadline Type Project Person
    01-Jan-70  add Megan & Serbian interview to FIFSW Journal review External
    2 30-Apr-20  Phi-Nong REB - Phase 2 request (HIV REB) -506 REB CIHR Phi-Nong PN, ST, JWL
    1 12-Mar-21  REB-Phase II LGBT Inclusion (MFARR) -190 Ethics SSHRC PG ST, LR
    1 31-Mar-21  Peer Edu Scoping Rev - Manuscript -171 Manuscripts CIHR Phi-Nong PN, PA, ST
    1 23-Jul-21  BRAC--reimbursements -57 Finance SSHRC PG ST, PN
    1 26-Jul-21  Draft brief with Guta: The Conversation -54 Manuscripts Other PN, AG
    1 29-Jul-21  Chet invoice - CFI/ORF -51 Finance CFI ST
    30-Jul-21  LGBT inclusion - Health (TH&IN) -50 Manuscripts MFARR-Asia PN, LR, ST
    1 30-Jul-21  Subgrant - Sree -50 Budget SSHRC PG ST
    30-Jul-21  LGBT Inclusion indicators -50 Research SSHRC PG PN
    1 30-Jul-21  SWK6503 - syllabus -50 Teaching FSW PN, ST
    1 30-Jul-21  SSHRC PG - subgrants (HST, BRAC, CUHK) -50 Grant Budget SSHRC PG ST, PN
    1 31-Jul-21  Create contract for Andy [Andy checking] -49 Grant Budget IDRC ST
    1 20-Aug-21  SSW2021 - PPTs -29 Conference UNICEF ST
    01-Sep-21  JGLSS Bully-->send to Luke -17 Manuscripts MFARR-Asia ST
    10-Sep-21  add Mega Easton interview on CV -8 CV Other ST
    10-Sep-21 - how to revise -8 Research IDRC PN
    1 24-Sep-21  SSHRC PG - REB 6 Ethics MFARR-Asia PN, ST
    1 20-Oct-21  JIAS Supplement: ?HIV and Transgender Populations? 32 Manuscripts Other PN, VC
    1 22-Oct-21  Phi-Nong REB - renewal? 34 REB CIHR Phi-Nong PN, ST